Products Specification

1-Chain rivet extractor 

For work on 3/32" to 3/16" chains & 8.9.10 speed chains 

1-Folding brush 1-Aero spoke key 0.9 / 1.1 / 1.3 / 1.9 mm 

1-Chain cleaner 

1-Tape measure 

1-2 in 1 cotterless crank tool 

For both standard square type and Shimano® Octalink, ISIS Drive® system 

1-B.B. tool 

For Shimano®, ISIS Drive® splined 20-tooth bottom bracket cups, FSA®, Race Face®, Truvativ® 

1-Freewheel remover 

For Shimano®, SunRace®, SRAM® , Chris King®, SunTour® and other cassette lockrings Fits some Shimano® disc brake system lockings 

1-Bottom bracket wrench 

For Shimano® Hollowtech II, Truvativ®, FSA® MegaExo, Campagnolo® Ultra-TorqueTM, and many other external bearing crank set bottom brackets 

1-Freewheel turner 

Fits all 5 to 10 speed cassettes 

1-15 mm pedal wrench 

3-Tire levers, set of 3 pieces 

1-2 in 1 Master link pliers-The Trident 

Allows the quick link to be installed and removed by single hand 

1-T-shaped chainring nut wrench 

Torx® 40 / Hex 6 mm / chainring nut wrench 

1-T-shaped wrench 

Torx® 30 / Hex 5 mm / Torx® 30 

1-Professional cable & housing cutter 

2-Hub cone wrench, 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 mm 

1-Spoke wrench (black) 

For 3.2 mm (0.127") nipples 

1-Spoke wrench (green) 

For 3.30 mm (0.130") nipples 

1-Spoke wrench (red) 

For 3.5 mm (0.136") nipples 

1-Spoke wrench (yellow) 

For Mavic® 6 splines of integrated nipples with 5.65 mm outside diameter and 7 mm thread nipple. 

1-2mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-2.5mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-3mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-4mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-5mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-6mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-8mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-10mm T/L handle hex wrench 

1-Torx® 25 T/L handle Torx® wrench 

1-Phillips 2, length 100mm 

1-Slotted 6, length 100mm