Chain cleaner

  • Brush is designed w/o teeth cog to reduce the resistance when chain is feeding
  • through the chain cleaner.
  • 2 side plates are removed to help to observe clearly when chain is getting through.
  • Plastic axis is used to avoid the issue of rusted metal after using degreaser of chain cleaning solutions.
  • Spec: Chain cleaner x 1.

Products Specification


SUPER B_Gear maintenance series(EN)_TB-3208+TB-1711+TB-3225+TB-3210/TB-3215 +(set:TB-32800+TB-32900)

SUPER B_變速系統保養系列(中文)_TB-3208+TB-1711+TB-3225+TB-3210/TB-3215 +(set:TB-32800+TB-32900)